Terms & Conditions


1. Lingu Indonesia accepts the assignment and shall carry it out our with his/her best efforts, to give advice to the assignor and to safeguard his/her interest.

2. The assignor shall be required to pay a commission. The commission shall be 3 % of the purchase price for selling or 10 % of the rental price

3. The assignor shall not assign any other party other than Lingu Indonesia and shall also not conduct negotiations, to give an option, c.q. preference, shall not make agreements other than with Lingu Indonesia, but shall pass on interested parties to Lingu Indonesia.

4. The assignor warrants, that he/she has completely and without prejudice, informed Lingu Indonesia regarding any and all known to him/her in terms of liabilities and limitations, lease agreements or any other agreements and of defects either the invisible and visible ones as well as the rights of third parties to the property to be sold. The assignor indemnifies Lingu Indonesia from any claims regarding this matter.

5. Lingu Indonesia has been given the evidence of title to the land or copies regarding the property.

6. All costs to be borne by the buyer and the seber.

7. For selling property, the assignor agrees that:

  • Lingu Indonesia shall provide information to colleagues and third parties regarding the offer, if so required with photographs, sketches, etc. and that this information shall be published in gludes and reviews in newspapers, magazines, including through computer media;
  • Lingu Indonesia, without requiring prior notice to the assignor, shall give an option c.q preferences to interested parties;
  • in case of a withdrawal of the assigment by whatever means, the cost incurred, including the cost of advertisements and printed matter, shall be for his account as well as the withdrawal cost, i.e. a maximum of 5% of the commission of the last offered price, shall be paid by him;
  • a postal foto is to be made which when withdrawn, and/or leased, the sum of E150,- shall be for his account.
  • specially for the placement of advertisements it should be discussed with him/her. Upon request of Lingu Indonesia advertisement costs which shall be for his/her own account shall have to be presented by Lingu Indonesia and to be discussed;
  • advertisement costs incurred shall be 100% for his account, which shall be paid in full for each placement;
  • should a deal be closed three months after the assignment as Lingu Indonesia to sell have been withdrawn or by whatever means have been terminated and settlement of account has been made, then a commission is still due.
  • the investigation cost for easement, matters related to the Land Office, etc. shall be for his/her account, and those incurred for the sale or withdrawal of the assignment shall be set off,
  • he/she hereby grants an iffevocable power of attorney to the notaly, assigned to draw up a deed of transfer of the property, to pay out any and all amounts due by the assignor to Lingu Indonesia.

8. The assignor authorizes the notary to send to Lingu Indonesia a draft of the deed related to the surrender of the property as well as the statement regarding the settlement of the accounts.

9. Lingu Indonesia upon request of the assignor shall be required to be present at the time of delivery of the deed of transfer.

10. Additional stimulations to be made as required.

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