Managing Director

Graduated from the Tourism Academy of Tri Sakti Jakarta and received scholarship from the Hotel Management School of Leeuwarden, Netherlands. She has extensive experience in the travel and hotel industry as well as property management. After 8 years managing a foreign company, she decided to open her own business. Since 2005 she has started her own social foundation in Bali. She likes traveling, cooking and reading. Her motto in life is, “if you do good to other people, you will receive millions of kindness in return”.


Graduated from the Law Faculty at Udayana University, and has worked at a foreign company dealing with silver accessories for 10 years. She is keen on doing more with this company and looks forward to developing her career together with the team at LINGU. She likes traveling and reading. She also dynamically lends a hand in social activities carried out at the social foundation, Putra-Putri Bangsa.

Sales Marketing

A Bandar Lampung, Sumatra native, in 2007 she worked as an administration staff at a retail company. Since joined with LINGU she feels at home with the team and management. She is certain that she will achieve success together with the LINGU team. She is always cheerful, likes reading and dining out. Her motto in life is, “whatever you sow is what you will reap”.

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