About Us


PT. LINGU INDONESIA is a local-based company in Bali, Indonesia with a wide perspective and outreach. We provide a diverse range of services in general, particularly within the Property Market; with various related services comprising of Rental Services, and Intermediary Sales and Purchasing. We also provide a range of Holistic Care Services, encompassing fitness and beauty aspects for Spas and Aromatherapy.

Also in our portfolio are Recruitment Services; and in the field of General Trading our company deals with Local and Inter-Island TradeImport & ExportSupplier and Wholesale, and as agents for Supply and Distribution. At a glance, PT. LINGU INDONESIA provides services inContractorReal EstateIndustry and Transportation.


PT. LINGU INDONESIA has focused on serving the needs of the island’s property and real estate sector. Our innovations in advertising and property retail and wholesale management have made us one of the most reliable service providers on the island.

The company has evolved and revolutionized from its former business entity, with an emphasis on growth and expansion. Previously the team behind the success of TerraSicca Advertiser who were also the active and creative players behind the namesake company, PT. TERRASICCA, have emerged to provide a new brand and promise a better service for clients in its current form.

The key differentiator is the high dedication and expertise of its team members. It serves as the foundation on which the new enterprise is commited towards rapid growth and success. It aims to become a major industry player in the following years following the initial launch of the deLINGU advertiser, a trimester periodical that enhances its previous entities’ brand, offering better editorials and news items that complement a range of information from various clienteles from the island’s property and real estate industry.

Our ultimate priority is to deliver value to clients through more personalized, higher quality advertising and one-stop services. Ultimately, this priority benefits not only buyers and sellers, but also a wide scope of general advertisers.

Through our dedication with the whole new enterprise, we will quickly become known as “the media that the whole island’s property sector relies on,” read by thousands to deliver billions of targeted advertisements to users around the island every three months, helping to build brands, fuel the real estate industry, and improve the experience for consumers.


To deliver high value, high performance market solutions that generate measurable successes for all clients of the island’s property market and clientele.


PT LINGU INDONESIA Core Values are stemmed from the professionalism and high dedication of its team members. As the needs of the marketplace evolve, so do our strategies, tactics, products, and services. Our core values endure.

Client Satisfaction
We regard it as a privilege to service our clients and are fully committed to the pursuit of their success. We are driven to turn goals into achievements and visions into realities.

We maintain the highest standards of quality and business excellence in everything that we do.

The pursuit of our objectives is driven by our passion for innovation.

We demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism in everything that we do.

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